Join the Compost Revolution!

Residents are being encouraged to start recycling their food scraps instead of sending them to landfill as part of the City of Canterbury’s new Compost Revolution campaign.

The Compost Revolution has been designed to provide residents with the knowledge and equipment necessary to turn their food scraps into garden food by composting and worm farming at home.


As part of the Compost Revolution, the City of Canterbury is offering local residents a 50% discount on compost bins or worm farms to help transform how food scraps into free garden compost.

“While recycling paper and plastic is now part of our daily routine, almost half of what ends up in the average home’s rubbish bin could be recycled into free compost,” Mayor Brian Robson said.

“Diverting that from landfill would mean major dollar savings for councils that currently pay tipping fees to dump residential waste into landfills.
“It’s estimated that our community throws away 41 tonnes of food scraps every day; enough to fill more than 4 garbage trucks.


“If all properties in the City of Canterbury composted their food scraps we could reduce waste by 15,000 tonnes and save $2.8 million in landfill tipping fees.”

For further information, or to claim your subsidised compost bin or worm farm, visit or call Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9789 9300.

This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less Recycle More Initiative.

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