Be waste wise this summer!

Have a blast when the weather warms up this year, but don’t let wasted recycling opportunities ruin the party.
Outdoor fun!
Summer is a great time to start a new outdoor activity like keeping a worm farm. It’s a great way to get the kids excited about recycling too. A compost bin might be better if you need to dispose of large quantities of organic waste.


Beat the heat (and the bugs!)

Every year, summer weather means the return of annoying insects and sunburn. The good news? Bug spray and sunscreen will come to your rescue and they don’t need to end up in landfill! Never put aerosols or sunscreen bottles in the red bin!
It’s a common myth that aerosols can’t be recycled. In fact, they are completely safe if you check that they’re empty. Rinse out your old sunscreen bottles too and make sure it all goes in the yellow bin.

Barbecues and Christmas parties:

When it’s time for a party, only make as much as you can eat! Over producing food for your festive feasts is a sure way to end up creating waste. Make sure that any leftovers are saved and packaged up to eat later in the week.
Do you need a new barbecue? Don’t chuck out your old grill; it just needs to be taken apart and given a thorough cleaning. The rest of the barbecue should be separated into parts made of the same material. Your old propane tanks can be returned to where you purchased them.



Be thoughtful with your gift choices this year. Choose re-usable batteries for any gifts that require them. The same goes for any battery operated festive decorations you may have in your own home.
Kris Kringle style gift arrangements are ideal for large families and workplaces. Invest your energy and resources in a gift for one specific person, rather than risk creating waste with unwanted gifts. It’s more fun for everyone when you know lots of thought went into choosing your presents!
Unwanted gift-wrapping paper is a great opportunity to get crafty. Make the most of it with fun art projects for you or your kids.

Deck the halls:

Choose durable, classic decorations that you will want to use for many years to come. This includes your Christmas tree. Take care of your artificial tree so it doesn’t require replacing every couple of years. If you choose a live tree, make sure you dispose of it thoughtfully. Cut it up and leave it for collection so it can be turned into mulch.
It’s easy to close the recycling loop if with a little extra thought this festive season!